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Drywall Repair in Tyler, TX

A Safe and Affordable Fix for Your Damaged Walls

As years go by, the walls inside your home can take a heavy beating. Various activities like hanging decorations, and rearranging furniture can take its toll. Are your walls worn down or damaged from daily use or an accident of some kind? Our professionals at Fresh Coat Painters of Tyler can patch up your walls to like-new condition. We can even replace entire sheets of drywall altogether.

Wondering how to fix drywall damage on your own? DON'T! Our Tyler drywall team will help you bring a new freshness to your home for renovation, painting, or general maintenance and repair.

For reliable plaster and drywall repair near you, call our experienced team at (903) 467-5815 today!

What You Can Expect from our Drywall Repair Team

Alongside general maintenance, drywall repair is one of the first steps in any interior painting project. Our team of professionals will ensure that your walls are ready for painting. They do this by blending seams with careful and precise mudding and paper tape. We will make precise measurements for replacement sheets. This is so that your walls fit together as accurately as possible.

We will also take all the small steps in drywall repair and installation. These steps ensure a high-quality end result like sealing joints and priming them so that these areas do not wastefully absorb the paint. Any areas that have small holes will be spackled and larger holes will be filled with joint compound.

recently repaired drywall with white accents

Here’s what our professional drywall and plaster repair services entail:

  • Patching any areas with plaster damage
  • Replacing and securing drywall
  • Sanding down the patches
  • Smoothing and preparing the area for paint
  • Painting over the area to match your walls

Some Common Sources of Drywall Damage

Plumbing Leaks

Water damage from plumbing issues is often a reason for drywall problems in the home. Plumbing leaks can also cause mold growth, which often requires drywall replacement.

Poorly Fastened Sheets

If drywall is not correctly secured against the underlying studs, nails will pop out and the drywall will begin to lean. If this happens, it is important to find the stud before hammering the nail back in. Fastening problems can also arise when the tape holding drywall together at the joint becomes loose due to moisture or old age.

Drywall Cracks

If drywall is not installed correctly, it can begin to crack from pressure. It is important to know the underlying reason for drywall cracks because it can be a sign of roof problems when cracks are forming in the ceiling. Cracks that form in the walls can also be a sign of foundation problems.

Termite Damage

If your walls sound hollow or you are finding pinholes in your drywall, your home may be experiencing a termite infestation. Termites enter the home primarily to feed on the timber.


Holes can form when furniture, doors, or people make heavy contact with the wall. It's essential to repair holes quickly to prevent cracking and severe damage from occurring.

Hire a Team You Can Trust

As the framework of any home or business, your walls can have a significant impact on your guests. When they’re freshly painted and beautifully repaired, it’s more likely that the impact will be a positive one! At Fresh Coat Painters of Tyler, we can handle any of your plaster, sheetrock, or drywall repair needs, and make sure that your walls stand tall for years to come.

Other benefits to hiring Fresh Coat Painters:

  • Convenient and stress-free scheduling
  • Free quotes on all services
  • Premium paint with low odor
  • Licensed, bonded (where required) and insured painters
  • Long-lasting repair solutions

For quality drywall repair services in Tyler, call (903) 467-5815 today.

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