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Improve Curb Appeal and Revitalize Your Building

When it comes to increasing your curb appeal or giving your home a makeover, you should never underestimate the power that comes with a brand new, fresh coat of paint. Whether you’re a business or homeowner in St. Cloud, we’re confident that you can benefit from our professional exterior painting services.

Backed by a national franchise network with over 15 years of experience, we are the best exterior house painters near you and are ready to complete your next painting project. The painters we work with have the experience, knowledge, and skill to complete a variety of painting services, including renewing the exterior of your home or business.

We offer a variety of exterior painting services in St. Cloud, including:

Our residential painters are equipped to paint homes of any design and material. They can provide quality exterior paint on trim, accents, siding, fascia, soffit, porch columns, garage doors, shutters, and more.

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Why Hire Professionals for Exterior Painting?

You’ve already decided that you want to give your exterior something it’s been missing, but you can’t seem to decide if you should hire the professionals or do it yourself? Simply put, our professionals provide the quality you cannot find in novice painting jobs. From prepping the surface to applying finishing coats, our painters are dedicated to doing everything they can to make sure your exterior continues to look great year after year – even in the harshest weather conditions.

Here are some reasons why customers continue to choose our professional exterior house painters in St. Cloud:

  • Time Saver – Many times, the amount of time needed to complete a high-quality exterior painting project is underestimated by home and business owners. From getting the right color to preparing the surfaces, exterior painting can quickly become a time-consuming and tedious process. When you hire our team, you get all the time back plus a high-quality exterior you’re going to love!
  • Flawless Execution – When you hire our painting professionals, you can expect a flawless and high-quality execution of your vision – every time. Often times, homeowners lack the care and precision of our professional painters offer for your next project.
  • Insured – Hiring our Fresh Coat Painters of St. Cloud team also ensured that you are having your exterior painting completed by licensed professionals. If any damage occurs, you don’t have to worry.
  • Premium Paints & Proper Equipment – Home painting projects need more than just paintbrushes. From premium-grade paints from world-renown brands and advanced tools, our professionals have all the proper equipment to ensure your exterior’s new appearance is executed with ease.
  • Careful Preparation & Cleaning - Everything from bad weather to exhaust from cars and trucks to mold and industrial pollutants can all contribute to the deterioration of your property’s exterior. Our team of painting contractors at Fresh Coat Painters of St. Cloud is here to remove all of that grime and wear and show off the surface beneath it.

When you turn to our exterior painting team, you can an exceptional customer experience from beginning to end. From saving your countless hours to fits of frustration, you’ll be thankful you hired our professionals for your next exterior residential or commercial painting project.

Free Painting Estimate

We are proud to offer free painting estimates for all of our services including exterior painting. Through this estimate, we’re able to ask questions, talk more about your design, and any goals you have for your project. Fresh Coat Painters of St. Cloud will create a customized painting solution that fits the unique needs of your home or commercial building in St. Cloud. Our personal proposals will give you a detailed quote on our pricing as well as gives you a chance to ensure you are making the best decision for yourself and your property. Once you’re ready, we’ll finalize the details, set a date and time, and get started! It’s that easy.


Exterior Painting: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide house washing services?

Paint can begin to peel for several reasons. It is often caused from moisture problems due to poor caulking, poor ventilation, gutter leaks, etc. Paint that is not applied correctly with primer or use of incorrect paint are other possible culprites.

What are some causes of peeling exterior paint?

Paint can begin to peel for several reasons. It is often caused from moisture problems due to poor caulking, poor ventilation, gutter leaks, etc. Paint that is not applied correctly with primer or use of incorrect paint are other possible culprites.

Do you paint brick homes?

Yes! We can paint homes that incorporate a variety of materials like logs, brick, stucco, vinyl, aluminum, wood boarding, etc.

How can I prevent mildew from forming on my home's exterior?

To protect your siding and exterior paint from mildew, we recommend keeping trees and plants trimmed back from the walls and removing any moss. Periodically checking the gutters for leaks is another smart move. Lastly, we offer mildew-resistant paint that can provide another layer of protection to your home.

Do you provide paint with UV protection?

Sherwin Williams has products with extra durability for UV protection.

What is the best sheen for exterior paint?

Just like interior paint, the right sheen for exterior paint depends on what it's used for. Flat/Matte finishes are good for siding. Satin finishes are great for trim and shutters. Semi-gloss is usually preferred for doors, metal, and accents. High gloss paints may be used for surfaces that have imperfections.

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