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Scottsdale Why the brush on your DIY project matters…….

Why the brush on your DIY project matters…….

Why the brush on your DIY project matters…….

You are excited to start your DIY painting project. You’ve finalized colors and the brand of paint you are going to use. You’ve bought caulk, sand paper, plastic and tape. You have one item left to buy – the paint brush. Wandering down the aisle at a Scottsdale big box home improvement store you see brushes on sale for $2.49. These cheap brushes sit within feet of brushes that cost $15. Your instincts may tell you to grab the “deal.” Ignore those instincts, the real deal is the $15 Purdy or Wooster brush.


Depending upon the size of your painting project, you are spending anywhere from $200 to over $1000 on paint and materials. Even more importantly, you are adding your sweat equity of 10 to 40 or more hours. Let’s face it, whether you hire a licensed painting contractor or do the work yourself, there is a cost. With all this time and money spent, investment of an extra few dollars is well worth it.

There is a reason professional house painters use quality brushes on interior painting projects and it’s the same reason you should too:

  • Quality brushes “load” the paint. This means the paint is absorbed on the brush and you are able to push the paint. Cheap brushes don’t work that way and the end result is that they often leave streaks.
  • With a quality brush, you won’t be picking bristles off your wall or out of your paint. What is worse that finding small bristles in your wall AFTER the paint has dried and having to go back and do touchups!?
  • A quality brush, when cleaned and stored properly, will last a lifetime of DIY projects.