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Scottsdale Cost of painting a house in Scottsdale

Cost of painting a house in Scottsdale

Cost of painting a house in Scottsdale

We receive lots of calls from homeowners in Scottsdale asking, “how much it will cost to paint my house? Most of the time, we will schedule a consultation where we can provide an on-the-spot quote. But occasionally, we are asked to do an estimate, sight-unseen. There are a lot of reasons this is a bad idea for the homeowner.

  • “Just take a look at Zillow, there are tons of pictures of my house.” I have tried this approach on smaller jobs. In one case I overestimated the square footage to be painted. While I did rebate back some money to the homeowner, not every painting company is going to do that. (See tips on selecting a reputable painting company in Arizona).
  • Exterior painting estimates in Arizona should include a close visual inspection of the condition of the stucco or siding. With such extreme climate in Scottsdale, cracks can form in stucco. An experienced estimator will be able to recommend the best approach based on the condition of the exterior. For instance, some exteriors (especially without pitched roofs), should get a coat of special high-build paint to prevent water seeping into the stucco. Sherwin-Williams and Dunn-Edwards both have products that work well for this.

red roof home in scottsdale arizona

(This Fountain Hills home requires special considerations due to water drainage from the flat roof)

  • Exterior painting estimates also need to include an understanding of the access to the house to be painted. Considerations include the height of the house and what type of ladders or scaffolding are required. Also, many neighborhoods in Phoenix-Scottsdale, have houses built close to each other and may require access to the neighboring yard. It is also necessary to understand what rules the Home Owners Association (HOA) may have for painting and home improvement projects.
  • Interior painting is nearly impossible to estimate without seeing the property. Simply knowing the square footage of a home does not accurately translate to the square footage to be painted. Some of the variables that need to be understood include the ceiling height, presence of baseboard and/or crown molding and conditions of the walls and ceilings. You will also want to discuss the type and quality of paint to be used, another factor that can determine the cost of painting a house in Scottsdale.