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Scottsdale Best paint for kitchen cabinets in Scottsdale

Best paint for kitchen cabinets in Scottsdale

Best paint for kitchen cabinets in Scottsdale

With the cost of replacing kitchen cabinets beyond the budget of many, more Scottsdale homeowners are looking to paint their kitchen cabinets. Not only will a new look to your cabinets provide a fresh look to the kitchen, but it could also be a good long-term investment. A recent Zillow study found that sellers with Tuxedo cabinets (where the upper and lower cabinets are painted in different colors) saw an increase in the sale price of their home.

Knowing where to start as a DIY project can be a challenge. There are a lot of decisions that have to be made, so we have boiled down the process into the three easy Ps.

  1. Prep is the key to a successful project.  Just like any exterior or interior painting project, the end result will be tied to the work that goes into the preparation. Resist the urge to break out the paint and focus on surface preparation.
  • Remove any items from the cabinets of drawers.
  • Remove the hardware from the drawers and cabinets (note: this is a great opportunity to replace the hold hardware!).
  • Thoroughly clean all surfaces, for best results use a degreasing product like Simple Green.
  • Tape/mask off areas that aren’t being painted.
  • Closely inspect the surface for small holes and use a wood filler to fill.
  • The final step in prep is sanding. This is critical – it will help ensure the paint adheres properly to the surface. If you are painting over a previously painted surface, use a 120 grit sandpaper.
  1. Primer is the bond between the surface and the coats of paint to come.  We typically use an oil-based primer. Give the primer 18-24 hours to dry.  After priming, do a light sanding to remove any dust or particles (using a tack cloth after sanding helps clean the surface).
  1. Painting is the final step. Always two coats -- you’ve put in this much work already, you may as well finish strong! You’ll want to allow 18-24 hours between coats. Also, break out some very fine (600 grit) sandpaper (along with the tack cloth) and go over the surface one more time before you apply the second coat. If this is a DIY project you probably don’t have an airless sprayer like most pros, so you’ll be using a brush. Take our past advice and spend a few extra dollars on a quality brush. Wait another 24 hours and replace the hardware and you are done!

While this is a tried and true method, each project may have its own variables that need to be considered. The process is time-consuming and requires strong attention to detail, so if you aren’t up for it, give us a call or email at Fresh Coat Painters of Scottsdale and we will provide you with a free consultation for painting your kitchen cabinets in Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, Phoenix or Rio Verde.