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Cabinet Painting

Professional Cabinet Painting in Prosper

From New Construction Cabinet Painting to Touch-Ups, Fresh Coat Painters of Prosper Does it All!

It gets overlooked sometimes, but modernizing your kitchen or livening up your bathroom may be just what those drag rooms need for a facelift! Maybe it’s time to revamp the look and feel of your kitchen and/or bathroom with a fresh coat of paint on those cabinets. At Fresh Coat Painters of Prosper, we are proud to offer professional interior and exterior painting services, including cabinet painting services. Whether it’s a touch-up job or a complete overhaul, we can help you create a new, stylish look. Our team of professional Prosper painters has the experience, skill, and a no-nonsense attitude when it comes to upfront pricing.

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What You Get with Fresh Coat Painters of Prosper Cabinet Painting

The decision to repaint your cabinet is exciting, and it may even seem simple. However, it often turns out to be more work than a basic online video can provide. The process usually involves plenty of prep work, partial cabinet de-construction, hardware removal, and more. Whether you have a framed or frameless cabinet, tall cabinet, cabinet drawers, built-in shelving, or anything remotely resembling a cabinet, we can paint it!

Depending on your needs and the size/scope of the project, our cabinet projects typically involve:

  • Evaluation: We will do a comprehensive consultation and inspection of your existing cabinets, including the material and design.
  • Deconstruction: We removal all cabinet doors, hardware, pulls, latches, knobs, etc.
  • Cleaning: We thoroughly clean all surfaces of your cabinets to remove any debris, such as grease and dirt.
  • Preparation: This process includes sands and application of primer and sealer.
  • Painting: Finally, we apply two coats of premium-quality, low-odor paint.

No cabinet painting project is too small or too large, including intricately designed custom cabinetry! Our team works quickly and efficiently to provide superior paining services with quality that lasts.

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