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Deck Staining and Fence Painting

Deck Staining and Fence Painting Services in Prosper

Create a Lasting Impression with Painting and Staining Done Right

When you drive through a new neighborhood, what do you notice first? Sure, you notice a well-maintained yard, or a silly mailbox, but a beautifully painted fence and deck does the trick as far as catching your eye. It’s also one of the simplest ways to transform your property’s beauty and curb appeal. However, the job itself isnot simple. In fact, it can be quite time-consuming and tedious to stain a deck or paint a fence, so we recommend you hire the pros at Fresh Coat Painters of Prosper to step in and get the job done right the first time: on schedule, on budget, and on trend!

At Fresh Coat Painters of Prosper, our professional fence painting and deck staining services are performed with only the most premium-quality paint and materials by experienced painters. We are committed to creating the beautiful results you want!

Prosper Professional Fence Painting and Deck Staining

Aside from that crisp, clean look, one reason you should consider painting or staining your deck or fence with Fresh Coat Painters of Prosper is how we can protect them from the elements. When water or intense sunlight touches untreated wood, it can warp or damage the look of your beautiful fence or deck, even causing the wood to rot. Maybe you’ve reached the point where you want it restored to its former glory, or you are simply ready for a change that will last the test of time – but where do you begin?

That’s where we come in. Staining or painting your deck brings out the natural beauty of the wood, shielding it from moisture and sunlight, which can help it last for years to come. Every aspect of your fence painting and/or deck staining is handled from start to finish to ensure the project is done right and done on time in a cost-effective way. We take care of all your needs so you can focus on enjoying the new look of your property.

Our professional fence painting and deck staining services include:

  • Initial consultation and FREE estimate
  • Cleaning and prep work
  • Sanding and removal, if necessary
  • Minor repairs, as needed
  • Removal of any grime, dust, oil, and dirt
  • Priming, painting, and sealing

What’s more, you can expect improved aesthetic appeal, protection from environmental hazards, an increased deck/or fence lifespan, and correction of potential safety hazards. We do recommend having your deck or fence re-sealed after extreme weather to make sure it’s up to far for the future.

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