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Metro Chicago Commercial Painters

Commercial Painting in Metro Chicago

Professional Painting Services for Commercial Customers

Metro Chicago is a competitive area to keep your business, and we know you’re always looking to attract new clients, customers, or patients. It could be as simple as adding a fresh coat of paint to your building’s interior or exterior to enhance its appeal. Nothing detracts from an otherwise slick building than peeled, faded, or chipped paint. Don’t let this happen to you. When Fresh Coat Painters of Metro Chicago is involved by helping with your commercial painting needs, you can trust us to handle your project and get it on right the time first, not to mention on budget.

We extend commercial painting services to:

  • GYMS
  • And more

a tan and brown painted retail commercial building

Commercial Painting & the Importance of Constant Client Communication

Your commercial property is bustling with activity, and we know it’s challenging to arrange a time that accommodates your schedule while keeping the doors open. To minimize the interruption and stress, our painting company will discuss realistic timelines when you first meet us for an on-site quote. We won’t push back the completion date by weeks after we’ve already begun the project, and we always avoid underestimating completion dates so this never has to be a concern.

Premium Quality Workmanship & the Best Paint on the Market

Our Metro Chicago commercial painting contractors use only Sherwin Williams paint products for all of our projects. That’s because this brand is established as the leader in the painting industry just as Fresh Coat Painters has become known throughout the country as the best commercial painting company anywhere. We also use low VOC-paint and designate the zones where we intend to paint to limit disruption at your active workspaces.

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