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Fresh Coat Painters Careers - Maple Grove

Frustrated about low pay & no opportunities? Concerned about a poor work environment? Tired of not being valued?

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Apprentice Painter

No experience is needed. In fact we prefer to work with a clean slate. You simply need to be a decent human being who is good at working with your hands, enjoys seeing immediate results, and have enough humility to learn when we teach. In fact, in our apprentice program, you'll earn while you learn. Employees passionate about growing can be promoted into the Advanced Painter program in as little as one year.

Apprentice painters earn a set hourly wage during their apprentice program. The beginning apprentice hourly wage is based on the interview process and a skill assessment.

Minimum qualifications: clean record, clean cut/grooming, friendly personality, good physical shape able to lift 100# repeatedly during work day

Advanced Painter
Advanced painters have mastered the basic skills, have the ability to work independently as needed, and promotes the values of the company. Employees who come to Fresh Coat with painting experience may not need to go through our apprentice program. Instead, they will be assessed by a skill assessment, along with an introductory employment period. Advanced painters have a set hourly rate, as well as production bonuses.

Master/Journeyman Painter

Master Painters have gone through both the apprentice and advanced painter programs (or experience equivalent of at least 5 years FT in residential painting, and have mastered all advanced production skills (prep, drywall repairs, brush, roll, wallpaper removal, airless spraying, staining, enameling, interiors, exteriors, etc.) and can be placed in most painting projects at any point in a project and perform necessary processes at a high level of proficiency. Advanced painters have a set hourly rate, as well as production bonuses.

Crew Leader
Crew Leaders have Master Painter skills and also assume all job site responsibilities, including: Customer Service, Team Management, and Project Management. Crews can vary from solo production to oversight of up to five other painters. Crew Leaders have a set hourly rate, share in production bonuses as well as a lead bonus for each job they lead.

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