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Deck Staining Services in Kyle

Keep Your Deck Looking Fabulous Throughout the Years

Did you know that due to weathering, may decks need to be re-stained and sealed every 3-4 years? This helps protect it from moisture and prevents the need to replace the deck should the wood become warped or rotted.

If you’re looking for deck staining services in Kyle or nearby, you can rely on us at Fresh Coat Painters of Kyle to provide professional services and beautiful results that will last. Whether you are staining a brand new deck or re-staining an existing deck, our professional deck staining experts will cater to your personal tastes for the best results.

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Should I Re-Stain My Deck?

If your deck is looking a bit weather-worn or otherwise lackluster, it may be time to revive it with our deck staining services. For the DIY-minded, beware that re-staining your deck is quite the undertaking and not as easy as many homeowners assume.

freshly stained deck at back of home in the woods

You must be knowledgeable about how to clean and prep your deck for staining, and you’ll want to work with a deck restoration professional who knows how to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Going the DIY route means you could easily damage your deck in many ways, such as re-staining wood that has unknowingly rotted, or staining the deck before it is fully dry.

Prior to having your deck stained, it should be inspected to ensure it is in good condition and doesn’t need more extensive restoration work.

When you hire Fresh Coat Painters of Kyle, you will enjoy these immediate and long-term benefits:

  • Improved aesthetic appeal of your deck, with an updated look and feel
  • Increased lifespan of your deck, thanks to the prevention of further weather damage
  • More frequent enjoyment of your outdoor living space
  • Correction of potential deck safety hazards, such as structural defects

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Some Deck Staining FAQs

Why should I stain my deck?

There are many reasons to stain a deck including: sun damage prevention, water damage prevention, cracking prevention.

Should I use transparent or solid stain on my deck?

More transparent stains are usually good for newer decks, but they may require new coats sooner. More solid stains are better for older decks that have lost more of their original color.

What if I have older and newer boards on my deck?

Using a more solid stain (as opposed to a more transparent stain) can help boards to look more uniform.

What are signs that my stain needs new stain?

You can check how well your deck is repelling water by pouring some water on the surface. If the water beads up, your seal is likely good. If the wood absorbs the water, you probably need new coats of stain.

How often should I restain my deck?

This depends on how much your deck is exposed to direct sunlight, snow, rain, and ice. You may need to restain your deck every two years or your deck stain may last for five years.

Do I need to clean my deck to maintain it?

Yes. It is important to clean a deck regularly and also before adding new coats of stain.

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