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Fresh Coat Knoxville's core values are Professionalism and Excellence. One of our primary goals as a painting company is to ensure that you and your family feel safe and comfortable with the people we send to your home.

That's why every painter is a W2 Employee (NO Subcontractors). Each employee is Background Checked (including the National Sex Offender Registry), Bonded and Insured. We want to be Painters You Can TRUST!

My wife, Amy, and I are very selective about who we hire. I want the people I place in your home to be people I'm comfortable with in my home. As a matter of fact, most of my employees HAVE done work in my home.

One of my favorite testimonials came from JoAnn Hensley after we spent a week in her home removing wallpaper and repainting...

"They were courteous, professional, yet down to earth. People you enjoy having in your home. The clean up was amazing. I certainly would have them come back any time."

Our goal is to leave your home as clean (or cleaner) than we found it. One sign that we've done a great job is that we leave no trace that we were ever there. Well, except for the beautiful new walls!

Below is a little information about the great painters that work for Fresh Coat Knoxville.

Have a wonderful day!

Greg Spradling, Owner

Professionalism | Excellence | Trust

Our Professional Employees

Chris Cook, Operations Manager

Chris has experience in Residential, Commercial, and Industrial painting, and brings 30+ years of experience and knowledge to Fresh Coat Knoxville. He's worked as a painter, field supervisor, project manager and estimator.

His years of experience in the industry give him the knowledge and expertise to ensure your project is quoted accurately and honestly. Chris has been my right hand since Fresh Coat Knoxville began. You'll genuinely enjoy meeting Chris.

Matt Krahel, Senior Project Manager

Matt worked for a large commercial painting company in San Diego, CA before moving here with his beautiful wife, Linley.

Matt has a wide variety of knowledge in the painting industry. He's managed commercial construction projects, prepared take-offs and bids from commercial blueprints, created construction contracts and subcontracts for commercial and property management projects and much more.

We are so happy to have Matt as a part of the Fresh Coat family. His professionalism, positive attitude, industry knowledge and attention to detail makes Matt a very valuable member of the Fresh Coat family.

Todd Hundley, Estimator/Crew Leader

Todd has been with Fresh Coat Knoxville for over 3 years. Todd was a project leader for over 11 years. He was a painting supervisor for 7 years prior to that where he supervised 10 to 20 painters.

Todd is what every great painter aspires to. He is a true craftsman and brings a gentle spirit, professionalism, excellence and a great attitude to Fresh Coat Knoxville.

Donnie Daniels, Crew Leader

Donnie brings a wealth of painting experience and knowledge to Fresh Coat Knoxville. He painted high end homes in Charleston, SC for nearly 20 years while owning his own business.

Donnie has lead crews for the majority of his career and has a keen eye for detail which is exactly what makes him the perfect member of our staff. His goal of the highest level of quality will help Fresh Coat Knoxville continue to be the premier painting company in Knoxville for years to come.

Donnie grew up in Oliver Springs and after spending a number of years in Charleston he moved back home to be close to family. Donnie loves golf so if you spot him on the links, be sure to give him a shout!

Ricky Lane, Crew Leader

Ricky has been with Fresh Coat since the beginning (back in 2015). He spent his first year being trained side by side with Chris Cook who is our operations manager. Ricky is organized, professional, very detail oriented and takes amazing care of our customers. At his young age he is already a craftsman with a strong work ethic and terrific attitude!

If Ricky is at your house, you are guaranteed a great experience!

Glen Heffermehl, Crew Leader

Glen moved to Knoxville from Brookfield, Connecticut. Pretty sure it was for the warmer weather!

Glen brings nearly 40 years of experience to Fresh Coat Knoxville and is a true craftsman. He brings professionalism, knowledge and experience to Fresh Coat Knoxville. His goal of high end quality on everything he touches makes Glen the ideal person to join the Fresh Coat family!

Jordan Watkins, Painter

Jordan moved to Knoxville from Cleveland, OH with his fiance, Meghan. They got married on August 24, 2019 in Pigeon Forge. The reception was held at the Hard Rock Cafe (which incidentally Fresh Coat painted!).

Jordan started at Fresh Coat in March 2018 and has quickly progressed within the company as one our best painters. His willingness to learn and a great attitude have made Jordan an integral part of the Fresh Coat family. His eagerness to learn and grow combined with a positive attitude make him a great addition to the Fresh Coat family.

John Gilley, Crew Leader

John brings professionalism and excellence to Fresh Coat Knoxville. At 29 years old he shows the maturity of a seasoned professional. John loves fishing and riding dirt bikes.

John is certainly one of those people you enjoy having in your home.
His great attitude, work ethic and exemplary reputation make John a wonderful member of the Fresh Coat family!

PJ Wolfenbarger, Painter

PJ has been painting for 12 years and is a seasoned painter at only 31 years of age. PJ brings professionalism and a great work ethic to Fresh Coat Knoxville. PJ takes pride in his work and understands that his work is a direct reflection on himself.

Olga Semenova, Painter

Olga has been with Fresh Coat Knoxville for almost 3 years and has over 12 years of painting experience. She also has a degree in Interior Design and a keen eye for detail. Her strong work ethic and pleasant demeanor make her a perfect fit for Fresh Coat Knoxville. Olga also does beautiful wall murals.

In addition, Olga is also an artist. Check out some of her amazing work below.

Mike Chandler, Painter

Mike's been painting for about 16 years and knows what it means to be professional. He has already proven to be a valuable asset to Fresh Coat Knoxville.

He has an fantastic attitude and a pleasant personality. He's a dedicated family man and is an amazing addition to the Fresh Coat family.

Jason Cotner, Painter

Jason has been painting for several years and has owned his own company in the past. Jason is very is organized and professional and his main focus is on taking great care of our customers. He's also an avid Dallas Cowboys fan (which to me may be his most important attribute) LOL!

David Osborne, Painter

David is a journeyman painter with over 30 years of painting experience under his belt. If you can paint it, David probably has! His willingness to work with our younger painters makes David an excellent mentor and member of the Fresh Coat family.

Mark Elmore, Painter

Mark has been with Fresh Coat for about 3 years and brings a quality focused attitude with him. He is dependable and professional with every project he's on. He could probably use a haircut but that's a personal choice I suppose. That's probably just jealousy on my part. LOL!

Mark is a trusted and valued member of the Fresh Coat family.

Kenny Kidwell, Painter

Kenny is another journeyman painter with over 15 years of painting experience under his belt! Kenny is one of those people that you can't help but like. Always smiling and enjoying life. Attitude is just something you can't teach. Kenny most definitely brings a wonderful attitude with him to Fresh Coat Knoxville. We're so happy to have him working with us!

Miguel Hernandez, Painter

Miguel is a journeyman painter with over 20 years of painting experience. Miguel is a detail oriented painter that enjoys his trade.

His positive attitude and tremendous work ethic make Miguel a huge asset to the Fresh Coat family.

Roman Gabriel Lay, Painter

Gabe joined Fresh Coat Knoxville in February 2021. And yes, his Dad's a huge Rams fan! Gabe brings with him 7 years of painting experience. His latest position was as a lead painter in Montana working on high end residences.

Gabe has a great attitude and wonderful work ethic. He's already made an impression on each crew he's worked with and we're sure he'll be with us for a long time.

Our Painter Code of Conduct Policy

1. Dress Code and Personal Appearance

A painter's personal appearance is important to the overall image of Fresh Coat. Our standard uniform includes white painter's pants, Fresh Coat plain white t-shirt or sweatshirt, black, brown, or white shoes, jacket, waterproof clothing, face shield, and boots (when necessary).

Sleeveless shirts, cutoff shorts, and open-toe shoes are not permitted at any time. Disposable foot booties should always be worn while inside the job site.

Personal hygiene is equally important for conveying a professional appearance. Your hands, fingernails, teeth, and hair (including facial hair) must be clean and properly groomed at all times. A daily bath or shower is required.

The use of vulgar language is strictly prohibited. It is the responsibility of every employee to display friendly and courteous behavior toward our clients.

2. Visitors and Personal Business

Entertaining personal friends or relatives, or unauthorized use of the telephone for personal reasons, is not permitted while at a work site. It is your responsibility to ensure that nobody visits while you are working.

3. Smoking

Smoking in the client's home or business is prohibited at all times, regardless of whether the client is a smoker or grants you permission to smoke in their home.

Employees must request permission from their Operations Manager before exiting the home/business to smoke. The Operations Manager will designate an acceptable outside smoking area (if any) as determined by the customer.

Employees must keep in mind that some clients, because of respiratory conditions or hypersensitivity, cannot tolerate cigarette odor, even on your clothing.

Employees are not to discard any used smoking materials such as filters, matches, wrappers, or ashes in the client's designated smoking area. They carry a small fire safe container for use in designated smoking areas to collect these used items.

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