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Commercial Painting in Frisco

Professional Painting Services for Your Business

Business owners are always looking for unique ways to attract new customers. And it can be as simple as adding a fresh coat of paint to the exterior of a building to enhance its curb appeal. Fresh Coat Painters of Frisco provides commercial painting services for clients across various industries in Frisco. Whether you are renovating the interior of your commercial space or your business’s exterior is starting to chip, peel, or fade, we handle painting projects of virtually any size and scope.

Our commercial painting services extend to:

  • Hotels
  • Churches
  • Retail outlets
  • Restaurants
  • Historic buildings
  • Offices
  • Federal buildings
  • Gyms

Our commercial painters in Frisco are skilled at assisting businesses in tackling their most tedious painting projects with ease. We provide free, in-person painting quotes on commercial projects and walk you through the process. During your consultation, we will go through a detailed breakdown of your pricing options, which are fully transparent and firm. We don’t do hidden fees, so you will never end up with price changes in the middle of a project.

For quality service every time, call us at (972) 996-6507 to speak with our commercial painting contractors in Frisco today.

Communication Is Key in Commercial Painting

Because your property is as busy as you are, it can be challenging to arrange a time that accommodates your schedule and doesn’t impede your business operations. To minimize stress and interruption, we discuss realistic timelines during our initial meeting. We avoid underestimating completion dates and always want to give you a schedule that meets your needs and gets your project done on time. We will never push back the completion date by weeks after the project has already begun. This is why communication is vital as work develops.

Your painting project will have a dedicated project manager to keep you informed of progress regularly. We are also flexible, accommodating your business schedule if you need work completed during off-hours or on weekends to mitigate any interruptions.

outside view of painted commercial building

Premium-Quality Paint for Your Commercial Space

Our commercial painting contractors use premium-quality Sherwin Williams paints on all our commercial projects. Because Sherwin Williams has established itself as a leader in the painting industry, we prefer to use their exceptional quality paints. For added employee comfort, we also use low-VOC paints and designate paint zones to limit disruption next to active workspaces.

Landlord-Owned Property & Apartment Painting You Can Trust

Well-maintained buildings are often free marketing and advertising. Landlord-owned and apartment buildings are always in need of a fresh coat of paint to help attract potential tenants to the community and retain current lease capacity. Renters are searching for a well-painted building because it signifies that the landlord values quality.

Many apartment complexes must adhere to laws requiring the repainting of buildings to meet or maintain specific standards.

Reasons for repainting apartments and buildings-for-lease include:

  • Regulations requiring new paint before new tenants move in
  • Repainting with non-toxic paint after toxic paint abatement
  • Updating an outdated style or look on your building

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