Professional Painting FAQs

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Wondering what you can expect from our professional painting services? Want to learn more about our process? Interested in our other services? Browse Fresh Coat Painters’ frequently asked questions to find the answers you need! Can’t find what you’re looking for in our professional painting FAQs? Give us a call to speak with a knowledgeable member of our team!

How long will my professional painting project take?

With our 3-3-3 pledge, we promise to answer your call within 3 minutes, deliver your free quote within 3 days, and begin your painting project within 3 weeks. While every project is different, and the time to finish your specific painting service will vary depending on the service you need, as well as the size and scope of the project, our painters always work as quickly and efficiently as possible. We strive to finish all our painting services in a timely manner and are happy to work around your schedule.

Will I need to leave my home or business during the painting process?

At Fresh Coat Painters, we only use premium, eco-friendly, low-odor paint. Because of this, you are not forced to leave your home or business during our painting process. We can work around your schedule so as to make our services more convenient for you.

After I’ve signed the contract, do I need to prepare my property for painting?

We ask that you help us ensure timely services by carrying out a few preparation tasks before we begin your professional painting service. If you have scheduled interior painting services, please move furniture and other items away from the walls that are to be painted. This includes electrical cords and wires, as well as furnishings, paintings and artwork, TVs and TV mounts, glassware, and other items. Our team can help you arrange for professional moving services if needed.

Do you provide your own drop cloths and furniture coverings?

Yes! We work to keep your home or property in pristine condition by covering your floors and furniture with clean sheeting and drop cloths.

How is paint applied?

Depending on your particular service—interior, exterior, wood paneling, textured ceiling, etc.—we utilize the ideal painting method to suit your unique needs. Typically, we will handle the prep work, including applying primer. We then apply two coats of paint in a color of your choice with a combination of rollers and brushes. Cabinets are sprayed in order to achieve a beautiful finish.

What if my drywall or plaster is damaged?

We offer drywall and plaster repair services to restore your home or business’s surfaces to fantastic condition.

What if I don’t know the color paint I want?

Whether you are painting the interior of your home, exterior of your commercial building, a fence, deck, or any other structure, our professional painters are happy to help you select the perfect finish! We have extensive experience in the industry and can recommend a designer who can help you choose which colors will suit the style of your structure and your personal tastes.

What type of paint do you use?

We provide all our own materials, including premium paint. Our team uses Sherwin-Williams® products that are low-odor, eco-friendly, and quick-drying.

How can I request my free quote?

We’re happy to provide you with a free, firm, upfront quote before we begin any work. To request your free quote, simply give us a call! We respond quickly and do everything we can to provide you with a price estimate within three days.

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