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Cary The Best (and Most Valuable) Home Remodeling Projects

The Best (and Most Valuable) Home Remodeling Projects

The Best (and Most Valuable) Home Remodeling Projects

The thought of remodeling your home can be daunting. Every year millions of home remodeling projects are done, and as the market fairs better it makes sense that a rising number of Americans are preparing to renovate.

Whether the house is on the market or not, these projects below all fare well in increasing the value of your home, some increasing the value by more than the project’s cost. At Fresh Coat Painters, we understand how to bring your home value through, exterior painting, cabinet painting, wallpaper removal, and more.

The best and most valuable home remodeling projects to start with are:

  • Kitchens Still Sell. The kitchen has been a focal point for homebuyers. Taking the time to update the kitchen cabinets and walls for a complimenting look can go a long way. If you can spare the money to replace countertop and flooring, the project will come close to paying for itself.
  • Window Win Savings. This can be an important factor for saving money now and increasing value. If your home doesn’t have high-efficiency windows, now is the best time to invest. This is a great investment for those who plan to stay in a home for years to come.
  • From the Curb to the Door. Curb appeal is important. Replacing an older front door, with a modern looking front door with a glass panel about is an investment everyone will notice driving by. Steel doors offer the best value. Meanwhile, touch up the front door trim to complete the new, modern look.
  • New Room, Same Space. Whether it’s an unfinished basement or spacious attic, either can be a great way to make better use of the square footage already present. If the attic isn’t already insulated, this process has another benefit of increasing energy efficiency and protecting the roof from harmful moisture.
  • Deck the Yard. A wooden deck stands as a great addition to a home. By some, this is seen as an extension of their living space for the warm weather months. For people who love time outside, the deck can sell itself.

For whatever project you choose to tackle, it always saves to join in on the work. Fresh Coat Painters is also here to help whether it’s for cabinet, wall, exterior, or deck painting. When a job needs to be done, we get it done on time, on budget, and right. Contact us now for a free quote!