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Cary How to Pick Your Brand of Paint

How to Pick Your Brand of Paint

How to Pick Your Brand of Paint

Although the same brands may be mentioned all the time when it comes to painting, there are many brands out there that all host different specialties and benefits. So what really is the best paint for the job? What paints will survive long on the walls, but be easy to apply?

Here are 4 factors to assess when determining the perfect paint for your walls.

  1. Application. The first factor many people look at is how many coats it will take to repaint the wall. The best paints are able to cover up dark color in as little as 2 coats saving more time, hassle, and money.
  2. Resistance to Mildew. This is especially important for any paints that will be used in bathrooms. When it comes to the bathroom paint needs to repel moisture and be easy to wipe clean. Mildew can quickly lead to walls needing to be redone way before the life of the paint.
  3. Smoothness. Can people tell the brush used to repaint the walls just by one look? A good paint will leave a smooth, sleek finish when dried. A bad paint may leave visible roller marks and worse a grainy texture. It is also important to note that even though the paint can give a smooth finish, the paint and surface already on the wall play a factor in the final look.
  4. Stain and Scrub Resistance. When painting a kitchen this is something that must be assessed. From food to oils, these walls will have to endure some mess. For this reason, a paint that can resist as much of these accidents as possible and hold its color after being cleaned countless times is extremely valuable.

There are many factors that go into repainting your walls. A brand of paint holds value beyond the name on the front of the can. A professional can help you get your space painted so that it endures and lives its full lifespan regardless of the conditions it’s in. Fresh Coat Painters of Cary is trusted to give get the job done on time, on budget, and right the first time. Contact us now to get a free detailed quote for your next project.