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Cary 3 key considerations when choosing a paint color!

3 key considerations when choosing a paint color!

3 key considerations when choosing a paint color!

Choosing a paint color is a hard decision. Many people freeze and can’t choose because they know how permanent it can be. And they know it is more than just picking a color for the walls, it’s selecting a color scheme that creates a mood in the home.

Our team of painters at Fresh Coat Painters of Cary has seen the struggle in too many homeowners. Having a home design expert help make this decision makes the process tremendously easier which is exactly what our team does for our clients.

The 3 steps we use to help our Cary homeowner clients pick the right colors in their home are:

  1. Light source: Many times, the paint chip looks amazing at the store. But, then in the home, they don’t look the same. Many homeowners think this is just them and the way they see it or built it up in their mind at the store. But, it isn’t! The light source is a major influence on how a color may appear on the actual wall. So, our first step is to evaluate the light in the home.
  2. Room Furnishings: The colors are set on certain items such as built-in shelves, cabinets or flooring and furnished pieces. So, we can’t change that. Thus, we evaluate the color schemes created by those pieces to determine what colors are best.
  3. Paint finishes: We consider what paint finishes would look best in the home. Finishes include flat, gloss, semi-gloss or satin, to name a few. The finish of paint will have a lot to do with the final look of the color in a room.

Color consultation is an important part in the painting process, but can be very overwhelming if done alone. Let our experts at Fresh Coat Paintersof Cary to finalize the color scheme that will be pleasing to the eye and uplift the mood of all who enter.