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When adding that wow factor to your home, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders. Plus, it won’t cost an arm and a leg to complete on time. Our team at Fresh Coat Painters of Boise can assist you with your next painting project, offering prompt, professional, and cost-saving painting services for residents in and around Boise.

We are the expert house painters to take care of the entire painting process for you, ensuring you get a customer-focused experience. We can assist you with everything from cabinet painting to deck staining and almost everything in between. You’ll get full services that keep your budget, style, and schedule completely in mind.

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Common Residential Home Painting Questions

What kind of paint do you use on home exteriors?

When we paint the exterior of your home, we use high-durability, UV-resistant, and weather-resistant latex paints from Sherwin-Williams®. This brand provides a high-quality finish that we haven’t found with other paints on the market. You’ll get a professional look every time.

Can you stain my home?

Yes, we can stain homes. However, your home should be built from logs or wood siding, as these materials are made specifically to be stained. If your home has faux wood siding, we can’t stain that, unfortunately.

Can you paint designs or specialized techniques?

Absolutely. Our house painters are skilled and knowledgeable about using a faux finish, a pattern, or a stencil. Our Boise team can provide specialized techniques to give you the paint designs you require.

Can you paint trim and baseboards?

Yes! We use specific methods to paint crown molding, baseboards, and trim around windows. We make sure our painting is precise and satisfying.

How does fresh paint affect resale value?

A new coat of paint can help increase the value of your property or cause potential buyers to bid higher because your home is freshly painted.

What is a velvet finish?

A velvet finish is slightly glossier than a flat finish and is easy to clean.

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