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Take Your Business to the Next Level

A good paint job not only elevates the appearance of your commercial building, but it can draw in customers or guests and even keep them there. After all, it makes sense that visitors will be more likely to stay if they feel comfortable in the surrounding atmosphere. And what better way to get a good paint job than to call the experts?

At Fresh Coat Painters of Ann Arbor, our commercial painting contractors in Ann Arbor provide interior and exterior painting services for all commercial buildings! This includes gyms, restaurants, banks, hotels, and more.

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What We Can Paint

We want to help make your commercial building stand out from the rest, and we accomplish that by using high-quality paint. We provide the following services for all businesses:

  • Interior – The interior of your business must look nice because once a customer steps foot inside the building, you want to keep them there. The more comfortable the interior, the more likely they are to stay and purchase inventory.
  • Exterior – The exterior of your business is the first thing a customer will see, so making a great first impression is essential to bringing in business! We’ll paint your building’s side, as well as anything else outside that you might need, such as a fence.
  • Drywall Repair – If guests, customers, or simple wear-and-tear have damaged your drywall, we can repair it by securing the drywall, patching holes, and repainting.

Just let us know what you want to have painted, and we’ll work with you to find the best paints for your building’s interior and exterior.

Ways Fresh Paint Can Improve Your Business

Environmental psychologist Sally Augustin posted an article on Psychology Today detailing how different colors affect our mood. Some key takeaways specifically for businesses include the following colors:

  • Green – Great for the office because green tends to promote creative thinking.
  • Red – Reds do the opposite as green, so we don’t recommend using this color in an office setting; however, it would do great in a gym because it increases strong, aggressive feelings.
  • Yellow – Even though people generally dislike yellow, it does well in kitchens or food-related industries because it can spark hunger.

What all this means is that you can utilize specific colors of paint to stimulate certain feelings or even subconscious emotions in customers. For example, red might not inspire someone who just woke up to lift weights immediately, but if your customer is already prepared to workout, red could help.

What’s important is that you hire professionals to paint your rooms in a way that maximizes a customer’s desire to stay there. Other important factors for a good paint job that will reel in customers is utilizing expert craftsmanship and high-quality paints. By hiring our professional painters, you ensure the paint on your business is perfect, aesthetically pleasing, and makes guests and customers feel comfortable.

Why Fresh Coat Painters of Ann Arbor?

Our painters are all experienced and trained to paint any surface, from interiors like kitchens and bathrooms to exterior walls and fences. We only use the best paints to ensure your walls look pristine for years to come. Just give us a call, and we’ll have a painter out to your commercial building for a consultation and free quote.

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    We reach out to you before we even start so we can ask questions, talk about your design preferences, and discuss your goals for the project.

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    After meeting with you one-on-one, we will tailor our recommendations to fit your needs so you can make empowered decisions.

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Professional Commercial Painting in Ann Arbor

Transforming Your Interior and Exterior Business Spaces

Nothing can detract from your business goals quite like chipped, peeling, or outdated paint. Whether you manage a bustling medical office or own a major apartment complex, you’d be surprised how quickly a fresh coat of paint can restore your entire building! Clients will appreciate the welcoming environment that the perfect shade of paint can create – and your workers will enjoy the change, too.

When your commercial property could use a splash of color, you can turn to the commercial painting experts at Fresh Coat Painters of Ann Arbor. Able to work fast without sacrificing quality, we can provide professional interior and exterior painting services for Ann Arbor business owners. With quick-drying paints and premium products, we’ll have your organization up and running again in no time.

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Ready to Tackle Major Commercial Projects

No matter if you need an entire office building painted or just a single accent wall, our experienced commercial painters in Ann Arbor can get the job done right the first time! Highly-trained and focused on efficiency, we’ll strive to complete our tasks on-time, under budget, and to your exact specifications.

When you’re ready to get started with a commercial painting project, here are the next steps you should take:

  • Call to schedule a free estimate, or book online. Once we arrive, our experts will perform a thorough walk-through of your property and give you a free firm quote.
  • Remove any items from the area that you want painted. Our painters will assist you with preparing for your scheduled painting date, but you will need to move out cars, furniture, hanging art, and any other items. We’ll also cover any remaining belongings with drop cloths.
  • Connect with your dedicated project manager. To make sure that your painting job is completed correctly, we assign a project manager to every property. Make sure to ask your PM any questions, or let them know if you need to revisit budget and scheduling options!

Limit Your Stress with Our Professional Painting Service

Painting can often be a stressful affair for your entire office, school, or government organization. At Fresh Coat Painters of Ann Arbor, we want to ease that stress by working as quickly and skillfully as possible. Through your assigned project manager, we’ll also keep you updated on all developments with your commercial paint job, so that you can get back to business sooner.

For more information about our painting services, explore our website or call us at (734) 304-8498! We can get your free quote scheduled today.

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