Fresh Coat Takes Responsive Approach to Customers

At one point, Pat Boye sold paint .

Now he buys about 5,000 gallons a year. Owner of the Cranberry Township Fresh Coat painting services, Boyle s company was selected as franchise of the year."Paint can Diake an easy quick and dramatic change/ said Boyle, who provides residen ­tial and commercial of­ fice, in door and exterior painting services.

Prior to opening the Fresh Coat franchise in 2013, Boyle earned a de­ gree in business admin ­ istration from We s tmin ­ ster College and worked in the management program with She rwin Williams for more than eight years. His most re­ cent. emp]oyment wilh that company was in Cranberry Township, where all the new •con ­ st ructi on enticed him to branch out on his own.

Boyle said whille working in the sales field, he came to believe there was a need for more contractors who are rcsponsive."This was a natural fit with my experience better without me paint ­ing," he said, nothing that his forte is: responding to customers and doing estimates.Still, customers not the decorating experts. With both the products and contractors," he said. "I came to believe that if I opened my own business and just an­ s wer ed the phone, I might be ahead of the game".

Boyle's franchise grew: He now employs 11 painters, and rev­enue in 2018 topped $1 million. Boyle's franchise completed more than 300 projects in 2018, and it already is on pace to break that record in 2019. Boyle doesn' t do the painting anymore."My business runs only rely on his experi­ ence for advice on prod­uct choices, but also oc­casionally colors. "If someone is selling their house, for exam­ ple, they might ask what the popula r colors a re, and I try to help them. But don' t like to ma ke the final decis io n," he said. He said he also has good references for dec­ orators for those who are interested. (Tn case you're won­ dering, Boyle said the present hot look is neu­ tra l grays and beige- sometimes coll oq ui­ ally called "griege" by"I've see n some cra­ iy color combination choices and they ended up looking so unexpect­ edly good that T act ua lly used them in my own home," he said. Boyle credits his team and comm unity for his success."We are building re­ lationships. T'm able to grow this business because I can rely on my guys to take things off my back," he said. "I know tha t if I ca ll people back, T do what I say I am going to do, and have inte grity the business will con tin ue to grow."