Children’s Home Makes Strides Forward with the Help of Fresh Coat Painters

Building a successful future often starts with having a solid foundation – a good education, a strong community, a great role model… but when children have to worry about making sure they have a place to sleep, food to eat and clothes to wear, those foundational building blocks take a back seat to basic human needs. So when Liz Gibson heard that more than 1,800 children in Santa Rosa County are homeless, she knew she had to do something.

Gibson and a team of dedicated volunteers founded For the Children of Milton and they’re working on opening a homeless shelter – but the building they secured needed work. Now Fresh Coat Painters of Pensacola is proud to announce that, through Fresh Coat’s national Paint it Forward® program, the local company is going to be painting the interior of the For the Children of Milton home at no cost.

The painting project will begin on June 27 and is expected to continue most of the week. For the exact address and additional information, please contact Jamario Ridley at 850-637-9416 or

“The house is large – about 7,000-square-feet – and can accommodate 32 children. We’ve put a lot of sweat equity into the building and our volunteers have done some painting here and there, but having Fresh Coat come in and provide professional painting is going to make a huge difference. What will take them a week would have taken us months, so hopefully this allow us to open sooner,” Gibson said.

The idea to paint the home came when a Fresh Coat representative met Gibson at a networking event. When Fresh Coat of Pensacola owner Jamario Ridley heard about the need, he immediately wanted to get involved – and Paint it Forward gave them the avenue to make it happen.

“The Paint it Forward program gives local Fresh Coat owners the opportunity to get involved in the community and, hopefully, make a positive impact. Painting this house is a big job and we’re hoping our help can energize For the Children of Milton and empower them to start serving children sooner,” Jamario said.

“I feel like, if you have the opportunity to give back, it’s the right thing to do. We’ve done a lot of work with veterans and now we’re thrilled to be doing something for children. It’s extremely rewarding for me and my team to be involved in this project,” he added.

Fresh Coat will be texturing walls and then painting the walls, ceilings and trim. Gibson said renovated the building has been a challenge and that she’s grateful companies like Fresh Coat Painters have been willing to help along the way.

“We signed on to help children – we’re not contractors and we’re lucky the community has been behind us. The excitement and enthusiasm Jamario and his team bring to this project is a Godsend. When you’re working with a non-profit, even when you have great support from local businesses and churches, you always find yourself bargaining and begging for help. Fresh Coat has truly jumped in with both feet. They’re our heroes,” Gibson said.

Fresh Coat Painters of Pensacola launched in 2013 and offers interior and exterior painting, wood staining and refinishing, wallpaper removal and many other services for nearly every protective coating application. Fresh Coat Painters of Pensacola serves Pensacola, Gulf Breeze, Milton and Pace in Florida as well as Baldwin County in Alabama and the surrounding areas.

Paint It Forward was inspired by Eric Ascencio, previous co-owner of a Fresh Coat Painters franchise in Houston, Texas. Eric had made it his mission to be an inspiration for other cancer patients and to give back to those in his community, leaving behind a legacy when he lost his battle with the disease. With Paint it Forward projects, Fresh Coat provides the expertise and man-hours and the paint for the project is being donated by Fresh Coat Painter’s national paint partner, Sherwin-Williams©.

For additional information about Fresh Coat Painters of Pensacola or to schedule a free quote, call 850-418-6011, email or visit

The mission at For the Children of Milton is “To provide shelter, food, clothing and a Christian environment to homeless and displaced children. A home fostered with love that will promote a stronger functioning generation for years to come.” To learn more and get involved, contact or visit