Fresh Coat Cares

a fresh new way to give back

Fresh Coat Cares is our way of giving back to the community

Our inspiration

Fresh Coat Cares was inspired by Eric Ascencio, owner of Fresh Coat Painters of Houston, Texas. Eric made it his mission to be an inspiration for other cancer patients and to give back to those in his community, leaving behind a legacy when he lost his battle with the disease. While Fresh Coat Cares was developed to help those dealing with cancer. It reaches beyond those needs. Fresh Coat Cares is dedicated to helping the local community get better. We have done projects for camps for children with disabilities and diseases, Make-a-Wish projects, homes for displaced children, cancer survivors, wounded veterans and more.

Brightening the lives, homes, and workspace of people across the country.

Our Community

Fresh Coat Painters is proud to participate in transforming the local community. With support from our national partners and local friends we are focused on making a difference for our neighbors. Please contact your local Fresh Coat Painters for more information.

Our Process

When a project is identified, a request is made and an application submitted. We examine the project to ensure that it is line with our initiatives. Once approved, our team will establish a conference call to discuss the details regarding the project.

Is there someone in your organization that needs a re-Fresh. Please fill out the information below for consideration.

To learn more about our Paint It Forward program or our community involvement, give us a call at (855) 912-6928 today!