Painting Tools That You Already Have!

Don’t spend a fortune at the home improvement store when you can find lots of nifty painting tools in your pantry!

  1. Plastic Wrap-Up

Use plastic wrap to cover doorknobs and keep speckles and splatters off hardware and cordless phones. When it’s time to paint the ceiling use plastic wrap to cover your eyeglasses. You can still see but now they are protected from paint drops.

  1. Baby, baby…

Baby wipes are designed to clean up some really tough messes. The alcohol in the wipes removes grease, grime, and dirt; and the lanolin renders them nonflammable. They’re biodegradable; and they do good.

  1. Party Picks

Colored toothpicks are great when it’s time to remount drapery hardware, towel bards, or picture hooks. Simply, pack toothpicks snugly into the holes that you plan to reuse. The toothpicks make the holes easy to find when it’s time to reattach the hardware. As you begin to remount your items, simply snap off the exposed toothpicks, leaving the toothpicks inside so the screws will seat firmly into the wall.

  1. Vanilla makes paint smell great

For every quart of interior latex paint, add four drops of vanilla extract.

(You can use other extracts, such as peppermint, as long as the alcohol in the ingredients is methyl alcohol, which is formulated to mix with water.)

Do not use perfume or other alcohol-based fragrances; they won’t mix properly with water-based paint.

  1. Balmy tip

Creating a crisp line between the wall and the ceiling when cutting in is super easy, apply a light strip of lip balm around the edge of the ceiling. Your paint won’t stick to the wax in the lip balm.