Skip the Headaches

Skip the Headaches

It’s almost October. October is my least favorite month.

Every month seems to have an exciting holiday or event in it. Except October. October has Halloween. Not even a long weekend.

It starts to get cool and dark earlier. Which I guess is a positive -  since that means that I will have less yard work to do. Strike that…I have the same amount of yard work to do, just less time to do it.

By the time I get home from work and prepare my napping area, it’s already dark. I miss my sunlight naps. It turns out that when I nap in the dark my wife refers to that as sleeping. For the record, there is no way that I’m old enough to go to bed before Jeopardy.

In August, my youngest child went off to college. Since then, we have been anxiously waiting for the university to close and her to rejoin our home. As empty-nesters, I was prepared to travel the world and begin to enjoy the freedom that comes with eliminating all responsibility in my life. My wife had other plans - she wants me to paint. Fall is here and family gatherings are right around the corner.

In all fairness, I’m quite an accomplished painter. I would not compare my skills to Michelangelo or Bob Ross but I can outpaint some second graders. There are few things in life that I do like painting. Turns out that it’s an acquired skill - which I have not yet acquired.

I recently painted my garage. It turns out that my plumbing hates when I paint. Yes, you read that correctly. Not only am I bad at painting, but I damaged my plumbing as well. As it turns out, I covered so much off my body with paint that I looked like I had been “Slimed” in one of the Ghostbuster movies. (My wife asked if was using my head as a brush. Think Mr. Heat Mizer, only with tan paint and grey hair.)

So, I was picking / scrubbing / washing the paint off of my body. The paint debris swirled down the drain and decided to congregate. Now my shower is flooded, and the garage looks like it was painted by a cat with a paintball gun!

Previously, I had the Fresh Coat team come out and paint other areas and they did a great job, but I thought that I could do it cheaper. Besides, it was a garage. Does anyone really care what it looks like? It turns out that it wasn’t better. And it wasn’t cheaper. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t even good. So now I am going to have the Fresh Coat craftsmen come out and fix my mess.

So besides wasting money on the paint and rollers, brushes, paint thinner, paint sticks, floor coverings and snacks, I have wasted time making the mess and the headache of snaking the drain. Now, I still have to call in the skilled professionals to repaint the garage.

I know that Fresh Coat Painters can give my garage a fresh look. The walls, the floor, the ceiling…I imagine how pristine my garage will be - until I use it.

I went to Fresh Coat’s website and scheduled a time for a quote. I’m continually amazed when they show up on time. It’s such an odd sensation to be so excited for a company to do what they promise. I always wonder why more companies are so inconsiderate of my time.

October is my least favorite time of the year because it signals that the holidays are here. All of my projects are past due and I’m going to have to work in overdrive to get everything done. Thankfully with Fresh Coat Painters, I’m going to have a beautiful house and free time to start hanging decorations (or other projects that I'm assigned.)

Now that I will have some free time, I’m looking for new ideas to decorate the outside of my house. My wife loves when I decorate the house for the holidays (or she just wants me outside.) If you have a moment, please send me pictures of your decorations so that I can “steal” your great ideas!

Happy Halloween!

Sad Pumpkin

Ken Talum