Holiday Prep Handled

Holiday Prep Handled

Holidays make me grumpy.

For as long as I can recall, I’ve been required to enjoy the holidays. It’s almost criminal to say this, but…I don’t enjoy the holidays.

Do I love to eat all of the delicacies? Of course, but is there any reason that Turkey is relegated to just once a year? I look forward to: stuffing, cranberries, yams, mashed potatoes, dinner rolls, pies, cakes and desserts that are paraded out on Thanksgiving.

Every year, I consider stocking up on these items and then celebrating A Spring-Giving (I made that holiday up, but is it any worse that the national holidays that litter my calendar? On October 6, it was National Transfer Money To Your Daughter Day. I thought that this was just my daughter trying to con money out of me. No, it turns out that it was an actual day of recognition. I’m a curmudgeon. We did not participate.)

This year, I’m planning on stocking up on frozen turkey and the trimmings so that I can celebrate at a later date.

As I’m mentally checking my shopping list and planning my (sweatpants wearing - over-eating - football watching - recliner napping) holiday, my wife dropped a truth-bomb that had me reeling. It turns out that this year, we will be hosting the holidays. I’ll be honest, I’m torn on this. I’ll have an ample assortment of leftovers (SWEET) but, we’ll also have family in our house.

Because we are hosting this event, I get to spend the next few weeks making sure that the house could pass the most challenging “white-glove” test. I will be cleaning and straightening and fixing and PAINTING.

I don’t mind cleaning - a little bleach and elbow-grease cleans everything. But painting… I can’t do it. I’ve tried many times and I always end up calling in the experts. I should have Fresh Coat Painters on speed dial for as many times as I’ve had to call them.

It’s nice to know that they are there for me. They will come when they are supposed to, the painters are all background checked, and they can paint everything!

So now that I can cross painting off of my list, I can spend my time doing the thing that I like best….napping.

As you prepare your delicious feast for the holidays, take a moment and send me your favorite recipe. I have many meals to plan out!

Ken Talum