Spend Your Time Outside, Enjoying It

Spend Your Time Outside, Enjoying It

For several months, I’ve been inside. In a shelter-in-place environment with my wife and children. I’ve spent the past few cold and dreary months glancing forlornly out the window, waiting for the chance to go back outside.

Today, I looked outside and it was sunny. I could almost feel the sun on my face, the wind in my hair and the birds chirping from the trees.

I began reminiscing about the many things that I have missed doing…

  • Taking walks in the local park
  • Hiking in the nearby forest
  • Camping (and cooking over the fire)
  • Fishing
  • Mountain biking
  • Golfing

It turns out, that I don’t actually like doing any of those things, but I do enjoy resting in my hammock. I enjoy resting a lot as a matter of fact. (If there were an Olympic event for napping in a hammock, I am fairly certain that I would be a gold medalist.)

As I was dreaming about the hours that I would waste away enjoying the warmth of the sun, I was reminded of the many projects that await me, once I step outside.

My deck. The center of my outdoor life for several years is looking pretty grungy. It needs some attention. I’m not sure if it just needs to be cleaned, stripped, stained or painted, but it needs something. I would love to go outside, but I am not ready to devote my weekends to fixing my deck.

My patio. There are stains from plants and leaves. You can see dirt and grime that has sheltered-in-place there. It’s not filthy, but it needs a deep clean. A power washing. It needs a high-powered shower to make it squeaky clean again. (My wife asked me to not write my name on the patio with the high-pressured water this year. There goes my fun.)

The whole house. I need to repaint the exterior of the house. After several years of denying the inevitable, I realize that my house needs better curb appeal. The wood trim needs to be fixed and repainted. I think I’m just too old to climb on the ladder. It’s a pretty far drop from the top of the house. (It seems that in the past few years the house has grown taller, or I’ve taken on a fear of heights.)

I sat back down and I considered all of the work that I had to do. I know it all needs to be done, I just don’t want to do it. I want to be outside, enjoying the weather (or relaxing in my hammock). As I silently sulked about the projects that were facing me, my wife appeared by my side. She suggested that I look into hiring a professional company that can handle all of my projects.

As I began looking for a company to do my tasks, I stumbled upon Fresh Coat Painters. After reading the reviews and examining their work, I am certain that they are going to help me, enjoy my summer.

get ready to relax and let Fresh Coat Painters do the work

I’m excited to get outside, so that I can go lay down and nap. Fresh Coat Painters has the professional craftsman to do all of my projects right.

By Ken Talum