Fall In Love With Your Home Again

Fall In Love With Your Home Again

Simple Tips To Make You Love Your Home Again.

Remember how much you loved your home when you first moved in? Do you feel the same way when you look around or have you fallen out of love? If you’ve lost that loving feeling, we have a few simple things you can do to rekindle the magic in your home.

Cut the clutter

Clear the clutter in your home.

If you didn’t do it as part of the new year, now is the time to tackle that clutter. Clutter can be overwhelming and depressing. An interesting fact we found was that the average American home has 300,000 items in it. Look around your home – what can you get rid of? We suggest starting with the entryway and working back from there. Donate those items you no longer use and find a space and organizers for what you keep. That alone can help brighten up your home.

Rearrange the furniture

Once the clutter has been tackled, take a look around your rooms. If it’s been set up the same way for years, start moving things around to change the feel of the room. Even if you can’t move the large pieces around, just moving the smaller items can make a dramatic change.

Add flowers and greenery

Add color to your home with plants and flowers

Much of the country is struggling this time of year with grey weather. A fresh pop of color can really spruce up your home. Purchase some house plants or pick up a bouquet of flowers on the way home. For those of you without a green thumb, there’s nothing wrong with faux flowers either.

Change out your art

Have you had the same artwork on your walls since you moved in? If you don’t want to replace everything on your walls, even adding one or two new pieces can really freshen up your space. Consider adding gallery wall shelves, and you can easily switch out your art without adding new nail holes to the walls.

Give yourself a cozy nook

If you don’t want to change every room in your home, start small and give yourself a new cozy nook. Have a favorite window in your home? Add a comfy chair, some fluffy pillows to that that spot and you’ve created a new favorite area in your home.

Change the Colors in your home

Add a fresh coat of paint in your home

Our favorite recommendation is to change the colors around your home. From walls to cabinets, the professional painters at Fresh Coat Painters can completely transform your home with your new favorite colors. You can learn more about our interior painting services on our website.