Create Your Perfect Porch

Create Your Perfect Porch

If you’re like us, you’re spending a lot more time on your porch. Next time you’re doing some porch sitting, take a look around. Is your porch the envy of the neighbors? No? Well, it can be. You’ll have the perfect porch in no time by following these steps.

Start With a Clean Canvas

Did you miss doing your spring cleaning this year? If you’ve got pests, dirt, grime or other stains, now’s the perfect time to give everything a good cleaning. Look at thoroughly cleaning the walls, ceiling and floor of the porch. Don’t forget to clean the furniture too. 

Give Your Front Door a Fresh Coat of Paint

Now that everything is nice and clean, take a look at your front door. Is the paint peeling or faded? Painting your door is an easy way to boost your curb appeal. Not sure what color to use? Country Living shared their 20 Best Front Door Colors for a Beautiful Entrance to your Home that you can use for inspiration. Paint companies like Sherwin-Williams offer cool color tools to help you pick the perfect shades for you.

Add a Pop of Color to the Ceiling

Adding color to the ceiling is an easy way to let your personality shine. We’ve also heard of an interesting practice that is common in the south about painting to ceiling a shade of blue. While researching why so many have blue porch ceilings, we found a bunch of interesting theories on this. According to one legend, blue around the doors and windows is supposed to protect homeowners from evil spirits. We also read pests like spiders, wasps and mud daubers are tricked into thinking it’s the sky so they won’t settle there. An interesting historical tidbit is that in the past, lye was often mixed into paint and it’s a natural insecticide. We’re just going to go with blue is a pretty shade to use but you can go with any color you choose. You can pull inspiration from the shutters and door for the ceiling color or stick with lighter colors to make the porch feel open and inviting.

Paint, Stain or Seal the Porch Floor

To paint or to stain, that is the question. And that’s a matter of personal choice. Some people love to have another area of the porch where they can add a touch of color. Some people like the natural look of the wood. No matter what you choose, our professional painters can help make that vision a reality. You can learn more about our exterior services (and schedule your free quote) on our website.


Once your porch is clean, painted (or stained) and has a front door that pops, it’s time to accessorize. Find furniture, plants and accessories that speak to you and your style. You might not want to go to formal on your choice of porch accessories. According to Sherwin-Williams, the key to having a picture-perfect porch is to create a lived-in look. Because when you get down to it, don’t you want to hang out and enjoy what's left of the summer on your perfect porch?

We’d love to see what your porch looks like. Share photos with us on our Facebook or Instagram pages.