Why Fresh Coat Cares

Why Fresh Coat Cares

We care. Giving back to our communities is important, that’s why we have the Fresh Coat Cares program.

The program was inspired by Eric Ascencio, owner of Fresh Coat Painters of Houston, Texas. Eric’s mission was to be an inspiration for cancer patients and to give back to those in his community.

The program has grown to help charitable organizations around the country. Owners are encouraged to help organizations that are important to them. Recent projects include the team from Fresh Coat Painters of Florence, SC painting the office space for Tenacious Grace, a women’s and jail ministry. Fresh Coat Painters of St. Cloud completed two projects – one at the Catholic Charities of the Diocese of St. Cloud and a second one for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Minnesota.

The most recent Fresh Coat Cares project took place at the OscarMike compound. The OscarMike foundation is focused on keeping injured veterans on the move by focusing on adaptive sports and life skills. The compound sits on a 210 acre lake in Illinois. The building sat empty for several years before the foundation purchased it, and according to staff members, it was VERY pink and needed work. Members of the foundation and their volunteers tried to tackle the needed projects themselves with varying success. According to Rick Kolberg, Program Manager and Peer Mentor, “We did a couple of renovations ourselves and realized quickly it was a lot.”

Nathaly Ruiz and the team from Fresh Coat Painters at the OscarMike compound

Owners and painters from Fresh Coat Painters of Schaumburg, Illinois and Fresh Coat Painters of Chesapeake, Virginia made the trip to Poplar Grove, Illinois to give a much-needed fresh coat of paint to the facility.

Nathaly Ruiz is the owner of Fresh Coat Painters of Chesapeake and is also a Navy veteran. She understands the importance of giving beck to veterans, “I’m a veteran myself, I know veterans have different challenges. I like helping them out since I’ve been there.”

Education Director Brian Santos was also on site for this project. He was excited to showcase the quality work done by Fresh Coat Painters. “The military community and family is really about getting it done. We love what we can do to be transformative in their lives as well as the actual property. We’re using premium paints and professional painters who are getting it done right.”

Fresh Coat Painters President Tara Riley sums it up this way, “I’m impressed with the OscarMike Foundation. It is such a worthy cause. The people here are amazing, the volunteers are amazing. We’re just really proud to be part of this."

The change brought by the Fresh Coat team was noticeable right away. According to Rick, “ What you guys are doing here is finishing the vision, it’s already creating a different atmosphere. The colors make things feel different, that creates an atmosphere of ‘I want to be here.’ It feels like home instead of someone’s hangout.”

Fresh Coat Painters is proud to have completed this project. Chief Recreational Therapist and Program Director Nicole Verneuille says it best, “Their contributions to this renovation, have made it a dream come true with making this house turn into a home.”

And that’s what giving back is really all about.

Fresh Coat Painters of Schaumburg owner Jeff Idelman painting at the OscarMike compound

Do you work with an organization that could use a fresh coat of paint? Learn more about the Fresh Coat Cares program and see how you can apply for a Fresh Coat Cares project on our website.