Celebrating National Skilled Trades Day

Celebrating National Skilled Trades Day

For the past two or three generations, many young adults were directed to attend a four-year university.

It was a fairly simple formula…

Go to college

Get a degree

Ensure a bright future with access to employment.

Today, many experienced tradesmen are retiring and leaving gaps in the pool. Many people have come to realize that a college degree isn’t always the only way to ensure a bright future with access to employment.

There is a real need for those with the skills to replace the retiring workers. Many people in the skilled trades need a specialty certification to start their career so they begin working with little or no debt.

Painter from the Chicago area

We understand the value of trained, skilled and background checked professional tradespeople. And we appreciate the quality that they provide and the trust that you will have with them on your project.

Female painter and Fresh Coat owner in St Cloud

From all of us at Fresh Coat Painters, we want to make sure that we thank our skilled tradesmen today!

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