4 Tips to Creating a Relaxing Atmosphere in Your Home

4 Tips to Creating a Relaxing Atmosphere in Your Home

By Krista Harper

Are you someone who works in a fast-paced environment filled with meetings, schedules, and deadlines? Or, how about family life? Are you trucking your kids from one sporting event to another? Let’s not forget birthdays, playdates, and everything else in between. The thing is that while technology has made life easier, it has also created a world where everyone is busier. That means, caffeine drinks, coffee, quick trips to the gym for some energy and a lot of go, go, go in our lives.

So, when you get home, there is no doubt that all you want to do is rest. Here are 4 tips on how to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home.

Keep it clean

We all probably know how a cluttered mess adds stress to our lives. Clutter is just one more thing in our lives to show us that we aren’t as neat and tidy as we think we are or want to be. Cleaning up the clutter in your home doesn’t have to be a make or break weekend effort. In fact, just 15 to 30 minutes each day to tackle a small cleaning project will work wonders in the long run and do a lot to relive some of your pent up stress.

Add white noise to your slumber

When people think of relaxation, often sleep comes to mind. After all sleep is the moment in our lives where we can lay back, close our eyes, and let our dreams take over. So, it really stinks when you can’t fall asleep due to the surrounding noise. Adding a white noise machine helps to blend the distracting noise in and around your home so that you have a soft and calming sound to lull you to sleep.

Divvy up your home’s color scheme

Everyone’s home and preferences are different. However, coloring your home for the room can be especially relaxing and help to mindfully go about your day. For example, areas such as a kitchen are places where people gather so bold or bright colors help to keep you awake and cheerful, while the bedroom and living rooms are inviting places that exude comfort. Therefore, using a fresh color such as white in the living room will give you a sense of cleanliness while warm and soft tones in the bedroom will help intensify the impression of nighttime – and relaxation.

Add plants

Plants may not be the first thing you think about when creating a relaxing environment in your home. However, introducing plants to your life will help in many ways. For starters, anytime you grow anything you feel a certain attachment and comfort. Plants, while beautifying your home also provide natural detoxifying properties that purify the air providing you with cleaner air to breathe and a more positive disposition. NASA developed a list of plants that are extremely efficient at purifying the air.

Creating a relaxing environment in your home is all about removing the mess and replacing it with relaxing space. From using soothing colors and painting your walls to adding plants and creating a soothing backdrop, it doesn’t take much to turn your home into a relaxing personal sanctuary.

About our guest blogger: Krista is a freelance writer from Southern California that regularly covers interior design and lifestyle topics. She is always looking for ways to help people find peace and happiness in their homes through design elements and methods.