Tips To Brighten Your Home During Winter

Tips To Brighten Your Home During Winter

Make Your Home Brighter With These Simple Tips

With the official start of winter just days away, the lack of light can really be a downer. After the holidays are over and the lights have been put away, it just feels extra dark and dreary. We have some simple things you can do around your home to make it lighter and brighter for those dark winter months.

Swap Out Light Bulbs

Changing your lightbulbs can add brightness to your room

What type of bulbs are in your fixtures? The difference between warm, cool and daylight bulbs can change the feel of a room in a snap. Experiment with different bulbs in different rooms to pick the one that best brightens up your space.

Add Light to Your Windows and Furniture

Light colored drapes and slipcovers

Dark colors and patterns on curtains make a room feel much darker than it actually is in the winter. Pick lighter colored curtains and install them at the far edges of your window to let in that natural light to brighten your space.

Just like with curtains, dark furniture can add to the darkness. Lighter colored slipcovers can change that in a snap.

Add bright artwork

Add bright colored artwork to your walls

A bright pop of color can really add light to any room. Don’t be afraid to go with vibrant, eye-catching colors.

Bring Out the Light From Your Wood Floor

Let the natural beauty of your hardwoods brighten your room

If you have wood floors with dark rugs, consider swapping them out for lighter colors or removing them completely for the winter. Let your shiny hardwoods reflect that natural light.

Remove Window Screens

Removing window screens can brighten your room

If you’re in a cold part of the country, consider removing the screens from your windows since you don’t need them until spring. You’ll be surprised by how much light will come through the windows with the screens gone.

Add Fresh, Bright Paint to Your Home

Adding fresh, bright paint colors to your walls is an easy way to brighten any room. Dark colored cabinets can be refreshed and brightened with paint. Our professional painters can assist by adding a fresh coat of paint to your walls or cabinets. Winter is the perfect time to schedule an interior painting project. Learn more about our interior painting services on our website.