Four Reasons Why Painting Your Cabinets Is A Great Idea

Four Reasons Why Painting Your Cabinets Is A Great Idea

Take a look around your kitchen, is it dull, drab or outdated? If you want to update your kitchen but are worried about the price tag, consider painting instead of replacing. Here are four reasons that painting your cabinets is a great idea.

1. It’s an affordable option

Paint your cabinets instead of  getting new ones.

Have you priced new kitchen cabinets lately? They are generally the most expensive part of any kitchen. These can be large projects that also require new countertops and sinks too. If your cabinets are in great shape but look dark and dingy, a fresh coat of paint can do the trick without the huge cost.

2. Brighten up the kitchen

Update old kitchens with a fresh coat of paint

If you have dark cabinets adding colors like white or grey can really lighten up the entire room and give it an airy feeling. Not sure what color to choose? Check out Pinterest or Instagram for project ideas. Paint companies like Sherwin-Williams offer galleries of inspirations to help you decide what colors look best in your kitchen.

Improve the value of your home

A fresh coat of paint can increase the value of your home

This is something to consider if you are planning to sell your home. Kitchens sell homes, and an outdated kitchen will cause your home to sit on the market longer than you want. Buyers will have to think about how much a new kitchen is going to cost them and that might keep them from putting on offer on your home. Cabinets with new paint can look new, even if they aren’t .

Save time

Painting your cabinets saves time

Getting new cabinets means tearing everything out, and new cabinets and countertops installation it going to take way more time than cabinet painting. You can save even more time by having the professional painters at Fresh Coat Painters paint your cabinets for you. Visit our website to learn more and find a location near you: