Want an HGTV Styled Room? Get an Accent Wall

Want an HGTV Styled Room? Get an Accent Wall

Want an HGTV Styled Room? Get an Accent Wall

Amara Agomuo for Fresh Coat Painters

If you’re moving into a new apartment/home or you’re finally getting to that laundry list of renovations; here’s one statement piece that will set your place apart from the rest: an accent wall. An accent wall is simply a wall that features a color that's different from the rest of the walls. It could be a green wall along the sea of beige walls or a peach wall amongst a palette of white walls. It serves as an eye-opener for guests entering the room, delivering an upbeat, fresh tone in your house.

Still need more convincing on why you need an accent wall? Here's a list of how accent walls are an absolute game-changer for your place:

Fresh Coat painters accent wall paint ideas

It gives your room personality. This rule is pretty straightforward. Add a bright or even neutral color to just one wall, and it will make any room pop. The key is to select colors that play up a specific area in your home. If you have a girl nursery room, you can paint one wall cotton candy pink to highlight the plush toys and brightly colored crib. To make your office space look more "official," emphasize your creative zone with a black, front-facing accent wall that shows off your flashy accessories and computers while giving you the perfect color to concentrate in.

It modernizes your place without serious renovations. Since most homes typically have similarly painted walls and tones, and accent wall gives off a modern, almost futuristic vibe. Accent walls naturally draw in our eyes, and its color distinction causes objects in the room to take a unique form. Instead of budgeting funds for new furniture, hone in a cool bohemian look with a cinnamon brown accent wall. To play up the bohemian vibes, you can add wooden accessories like tables, picture frames, vases, or compliment the brown with some colorful green houseplants!

Accent walls also work as an accessory. Living in a minimalist space? No problem! An accent wall with a bright, unique hue will doll up your area without you having to add more objects. A burnt orange accent wall is the perfect look for a living room space accompanied by a tall plant, rug, sofa, and coffee table. The burnt orange opens up the room, drawing all eyes to the playful contrast of the plant’s green against the orange while balancing the place out with a neutral rug and a wooden coffee table to play up earthy tones. People will think you spent all day decorating your room when in reality you only painted one wall.

You can manipulate your room to look bigger or smaller. Accent walls have a science behind them depending on what color palette you select. If you’re rooming in a small space, to make it look bigger use bright colors like lemon yellow or French roses pink to make your room more reflective, maximizing all the natural light coming in. This will leave your room feeling open and breezy. On the contrast, if you are stuck with too much space, or want to minimize a corner as a small reading nook, use dark colors like seaweed green to absorb light and tighten up the space.

Hopefully, this list was able to get you excited to kick-off your new (or next set) of accent walls. Feel free to marathon HGTV while you paint or wait for the painters to arrive. Stay tuned for future pieces on how to accentuate and best practices for painting!

Written by Amara Agomuo for Fresh Coat painters.