Picking the Perfect Paint

Picking the Perfect Paint

Often times, the most difficult part of painting, is selecting the perfect color.

Many homeowners want to make sure they’re not only choosing the perfect colors, but also colors that coordinate from room-to-room. Here are several thoughts that will help you pick the perfect colors with confidence.

Consider your favorite rug or fabric. These objects are often your favorites because they have the colors that you like. Use these color choices to help choose colors for your wall.

If you want to make a smooth transition between rooms, choose a color for one room and paint the connecting room two shades away using tones from the same palette,

Add shades of the same color to create interest. If you have a chair rail in the room, paint a deeper shade of the same color, below the existing wall.

If you are still stuck selecting colors look to help from paint resources. Snap It from Sherwin-Williams is one. With Snap It you can take any online image and convert it into a color palette made up of more than 1,500 Sherwin-Williams paint colors.

If you want to see what your room will look like painted a certain way, try ColorSnap® Visualizer for Web, Mobile, or iPad by Sherwin-Williams. With just a photo, you can virtually paint your rooms.

Once you’ve selected the perfect colors, contact your local Fresh Coat Painters to make your transformation complete.