Top 5 Items That Can Be Saved with Paint

Top 5 Items That Can Be Saved with Paint

It’s amazing what you can do with paint. A fresh coat of paint can save even the dingiest piece of furniture from being relegated to the trash heap. Discover the power of paint with this list of 5 items that you can bring back to life with nothing more than do-it-yourself painting techniques (such as these tips from the DIY Network).

1. Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Give old kitchen cabinets a fresh look with interior painting. This is a great way to revive your kitchen without spending a lot of money or time on a big renovation. Brighten a dark, cave-like kitchen with white paint on the cabinets, or add contrast to a light kitchen by painting them espresso or black. You can even paint the lower cabinets a different color from the upper cabinets to add some interest to an otherwise bland kitchen.

2. Stain or Seal Decks

A deck that has seen better days can always benefit from a good sanding and a fresh coat of weather-resistant paint, sealer, or stain. This do-it-yourself project will not only revive the deck; it will also revive the look of your house.

3. Refinish Fences

The same logic that applies to a worn-out deck also stands for a peeling fence. Applying a fresh coat of white paint to a picket fence, for instance, instantly wakes it up it so it looks like new. It will also improve your curb appeal and serve as a nice accent to your yard.

4. Paint Furniture

A dresser with a dated or ugly finish doesn’t have to be taken to the dump or donated. In most cases, a less-than-appealing dresser, hutch, or coffee table can be saved with a do-it-yourself project -- a coat of paint and some new hardware. Consider painting it a fun color (like yellow or red) to make it stand out as a unique piece in a room, or go for a more classic neutral, like white, cream, or black, to make the piece timeless.

5. Paint Picture Frames

Let’s say you stumble upon a perfect frame for that art poster you’ve been hoarding for years. The only problem is that the frame is the wrong color – it doesn’t go with your existing décor, for instance. Or maybe it’s an old frame you found in a flea market. Instead of passing on the frame, why not give it a fresh look? This is an easy project that only requires a drop cloth, a can of spray paint, and an afternoon.

Paint can be used in a variety of ways to improve the look of almost any item – from kitchen cabinets, to picture frames, to furniture pieces. Next time you are thinking about throwing something out because it has the wrong finish or color, rethink your options, and consider if paint would save it instead. This do-it-yourself attitude could save you a lot of money in the long run.

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